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Access to sexual and reproductive health services can transform young women’s lives, giving them control over their bodies and futures.

But right now, Governments across the world are attacking and restricting reproductive rights – rolling back decades of progress.

Will you sign the petition now to support reproductive rights?

Why is this important:

The consequences of these attacks and restrictions are devastating – especially for those who can fall pregnant. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth remain the leading causes of mortality for adolescent girls worldwide.

Funding sexual and reproductive health services is one of the keys to ending the cycle of extreme poverty. It provides essential functions such as contraception, maternal and newborn care, STI testing and treatment, safe abortion, screening for cancer, sexual health awareness and community outreach.

Our Girl-Led research has shown sexual and reproductive health services aren’t only desperately needed – it's what girls across the world want.

Will you sign the petition now to support reproductive rights for everyone, everywhere?

Parbati, 17, is an anti-chhaupadi campaigner and a member of the ActionAid supported adolescent girls' club in Nepal. Photo: Poulomi Basu/ActionAid