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The more people speak out, the better chance we have of influencing those with power to make change happen. By signing petitions, lobbying governments and making noise on social media you can help fix the justice systems that protect abusers and punish survivors.

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Irene, Lawyer in Ghana

Worldwide, more than two thirds of women don't report sexual harassment to the police, with 50% saying they believed "it would be pointless".

All too often, there is no justice for women and girls who survive violence. From police officers unwilling to record the crime to unaffordable legal support, there are countless barriers. 

But people across the world are coming together to change this. Will you join us to fix the broken justice system? 

For more information about this campaign, visit the Justice campaign homepage.

Irene is a lawyer, and founder of the Ghana Legal Assistance Network. Photo: Kathleen Prior/ActionAid