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World Leaders: Pay your fair share to stop climate injustice

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Countries that are responsible for the vast majority of carbon emissions, and have historically benefitted the most from them, are failing to adequately support the women, girls and communities living in poverty who are on the front line of its devastating impacts.

Countries including the UK, USA and Germany promised to pay a total of $100bn a year to help other nations adapt to the impacts of climate change – but they are way off track and haven’t honoured their commitments. And $100 billion is now nowhere near enough to meet the scale of the climate crisis they’ve created. Women, girls and communities living in poverty worldwide are being short changed, with devastating consequences.

World leaders are coming together this November in Glasgow at COP26 – a huge global climate conference where decisions will be made on addressing the climate crisis

Sign the petition to tell world leaders at COP26 to step up and pay their fair share now.

We’ll display our demands as adverts all across Glasgow during COP26 to send world leaders a message they can’t ignore. Once you’ve signed the petition you can chip in to fund the adverts on the next page.

Taposhi Rani, 20, is an activist, campaigning for women to become leaders during emergencies and to become protectors of their environment. Credit: Fabeha Monir/ActionAid